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Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Difference Between a Mobile Locksmith and a Local Locksmith with a Physical Store

When you are faced with choosing a locksmith, you have two choices, you can choose a local locksmith with a physical store or you can go with a mobile locksmith. They both offer locksmith services, but one option is considerably better than the other.

When You Go Local with a Physical Store

When you choose a local locksmith with a physical store you are making the choice for the better option. Local small business owners that have an actual building that they work out of are invested in the community. They have a vested interest in making their community safer. Their roots in the community are deep, it is where they live and work. Other benefits of choosing a local locksmith with a physical building include:

  • They are always insured
  • They are stable and established
  • They bolster the local economy because the money you pay them and that they spend is within the community
  • A more professional approach

When you take the time to open a store, you also take the time to get the insurance that you need to protect that business and your customers. Mobile locksmith may or may not have insurance that protects their customers.

Stable and Established

The fact is a mobile locksmith may or may not be here tomorrow because they do not have the level of investment that a brick and mortar business owner has made. If you have a problem with the work that was done, a mobile locksmith may or may not return, if you choose a local shop owner, you can always find them and come in the shop to complain and get the problem fixed.

They Fuel the Local Economy

A local locksmith that has a store in your community, spends your fees in the community. Your money stays right in your community.

Professional Approach

You get the trusted services that you can depend on from a local shop owner. You can expect uniformed technicians that are thoroughly trained and trusted. You never know what you might get with a mobile locksmith.

Peace of Mind

Choosing the established locally owned and operated locksmith service that has a physical address gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are getting the real deal. Folsom Lock & Security is staffed with members of your community that can manage all your locksmith and security needs.