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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Don’t Stay Locked Out of Your Business

Time is money and any downtime that you have to experience is a possible chance at generating revenue that has slipped from your grasp. Accidents happen and it is amazing how something as small as losing your keys will dictate the entirety of your day. Fortunately, if you find that you have been locked out of your business you can rely on a Folsom commercial locksmith to get you back in.

Everyone Loses Their Keys

It’s is a strange fact of life that everyone will lose their keys at one point or another. Generally it isn’t an issue for a homeowner. Sadly, when it comes to losing the keys to your business it can mean you are closed well past your opening time and not earning. That is why it can be a life saver to have access to a commercial locksmith in Folsom that is on call 24/7 so they can get you back into your building with as little downtime as possible. Not only does a closed business not generate you any money but it can also lead to a bad impression for potential customers. Imagine if someone is waiting out front for your doors and they notice it is well past time for you to be open. It will give them the impression of unprofessionalism and they will move onto another business that may offer the products or services that you provide. It is free advertising for your competition, and it all started with something as simple and innocent and losing your keys. The reason why you and your customers can’t get into your building is less important than having the issue addressed quickly and efficiently.

A Combined Experience of 45 Years

Folsom Lock and Security’s owners have 45 years of experience between then in the locksmithing and security trade. They have been servicing the area with their constant availability no matter the time of day because they care about the residents and business owners of Folsom and the surrounding region. They are a business and they know the importance of having access to your office or commercial space so you can provide for your customers. If you would like to learn more, please visit their website and you can see all the services and products that they provide the area when it comes to security and locksmithing needs.