GSA Certified Locksmith

GSA Certified Locksmith Sacramento and All Surrounding Areas

As a GSA Certified locksmith, Folsom Lock & Security provides a variety of locksmith services approved by GSA. Choosing a locksmith with the proper certification is crucial to work on your GSA-certified lock. Our team of expert technicians is fully certified to service and repair GSA-approved security containers, vault doors, and safes.

Security Containers

Our security containers are designed to store classified documents, materials, and equipment such as funds, communication technology, controlled substances, or weapons. To ensure the safety and confidentiality of classified information, it’s essential to avoid storing classified information in the same container as these items, per DOD regulation (5200.,1R).

Help With Unlocking Security Files and Containers

Folsom Lock & Security provides top-notch GSA lock services, ensuring the safety and security of sensitive Government information by offering the opening, service, and repair of all crucial locking hardware for classified material. If you’re experiencing problems with a secure file or have lost a combination, we have the expertise to unlock, fix, and renew the certification of security containers according to the strict standards set forth by the GSA.

Authorized for GSA Certified Locks and Parts

We have the authorization to work with any locking hardware approved by GSA. Our expertise includes a variety of locking hardware such as Kaba Mas X10 and S&G locks. We are authorized to provide services for GSA-certified locks and parts. 

Get in touch with us today to get a quote on GSA container services, including installation, maintenance, and unlocking.