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Don’t Stay Locked Out of Your Business

Don’t Stay Locked Out of Your Business

Time is money and any downtime that you have to experience is a possible chance at generating revenue that has slipped from your grasp. Accidents happen and it is amazing how something as small as losing your keys will dictate the entirety of your day. Fortunately, if you find that you have been locked out of your business you can rely on a Folsom commercial locksmith to get you back in.

Everyone Loses Their Keys

It’s is a strange fact of life that everyone will lose their keys at one point or another. Generally it isn’t an issue for a homeowner. Sadly, when it comes to losing the keys to your business it can mean you are closed well past your opening time and not earning. That is why it can be a life saver to have access to a commercial locksmith in Folsom that is on call 24/7 so they can get you back into your building with as little downtime as possible. Not only does a closed business not generate you any money but it can also lead to a bad impression for potential customers. Imagine if someone is waiting out front for your doors and they notice it is well past time for you to be open. It will give them the impression of unprofessionalism and they will move onto another business that may offer the products or services that you provide. It is free advertising for your competition, and it all started with something as simple and innocent and losing your keys. The reason why you and your customers can’t get into your building is less important than having the issue addressed quickly and efficiently.

A Combined Experience of 45 Years

Folsom Lock and Security’s owners have 45 years of experience between then in the locksmithing and security trade. They have been servicing the area with their constant availability no matter the time of day because they care about the residents and business owners of Folsom and the surrounding region. They are a business and they know the importance of having access to your office or commercial space so you can provide for your customers. If you would like to learn more, please visit their website and you can see all the services and products that they provide the area when it comes to security and locksmithing needs.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an El Dorado Hills Commercial Locksmith

Choosing the right El Dorado Hills commercial locksmith is critical to the security of your commercial property. While it is important that both your residential property and commercial property is protected, typically your commercial property will require more focused attention and an advanced skill set. Choosing the right El Dorado Hills commercial locksmith will ensure that your property is properly protected.

Consider These Three Things

Before you decide which locksmith is right for the job, you’ll want to give these three factors your consideration:

  1. Do they have commercial experience? (Not just residential)
  2. What services do they offer?
  3. Are they established?

Commercial Experience

Not every locksmith can bring the experience to the table that you want for your commercial property. A lot of people mistakenly think that a residential locksmith can easily handle commercial property security. The fact is while both residential and commercial properties have similar requirements there are some major differences and there is a specialty skill set required. A few examples are ADA compliant security door installation, access control systems and CCTV. Most residential locksmiths do not have the experience to manage services that are exclusively installed at commercial properties. It is important that you choose a locksmith that specifically has commercial experience.

The Services

Ideally the commercial locksmith will offer comprehensive locksmith and security services. It is simply easier to have one company that can do it all. When choosing a commercial locksmith if you choose one that offers a full range of services like CCTV system installation and repairs, safe installation, repairs and access and access control systems, you will be giving your property the advantage of being a more secure environment without you having to deal with multiple companies. A full suite of services gives you the options that you need to better protect your property. Having one provider makes it easy to get those services.

Choose and Established Business

It is important that you choose a service that is already established and has a proven history of delivering exceptional services. Folsom Lock & Security is a great choice for all your commercial locksmith needs. They have the commercial experience that you want and the expertise that you can trust. They are established as a leader in commercial services and offer the wide range of lock and security services that help to best secure your property.

Experienced Commercial Locksmiths in Rancho Cordova

Before you choose a commercial locksmith in Rancho Cordova you want to be sure that they have the experience to manage your lock and security needs. Commercial property owners sometimes make the mistake of thinking that a locksmith is a locksmith and they call on a residential locksmith.

All Locksmiths

Locksmiths have the skill sets that cross over between different skills. They are part mechanic, part carpenter and part security expert. This is true of both residential and commercial locksmiths but there are some differences.

It is True A Locksmith is a Locksmith BUT

While it is true that a locksmith is a jack of all trades so to speak, not all locksmiths have the experience as a commercial locksmith in Rancho Cordova that can really benefit your business. Residential locksmiths focus on keeping private homes safe while commercial locksmiths typically offer both residential and commercial property support. If you have commercial property it is always best to choose the locksmith that does both. An experienced locksmith that manages commercial needs can:

  • Offer products and services that a residential locksmith cannot
  • Deliver the advice that you need to better protect your commercial property
  • Ensure that your locks and security is up to commercial property code and regulation

It is hard to beat experience when you are choosing a commercial locksmith. They have the expertise and the skill set to deliver the high-quality services that improve safety and security.

Exposure to Options

When you choose an experienced locksmith that specializes in commercial security, you will have a wide range of options for improving security that a residential locksmith may not offer. You can trust the information that you get from an expert in commercial building security because they draw from their experiences.

Up to Code

Commercial properties are governed by different codes that residential properties do not have to worry about. You want to make sure that you are dealing with a locksmith that is familiar with these codes and delivers the services that keep your property up to standard.

Folsom Lock and Key is the trusted locksmith and security service that delivers unmatched commercial locksmith services. You get the expertise that you need for your property delivered with a quick response time and a commitment to high quality customer care. They do it all at Folsom Lock and Key and they do it all well!

Locked Out of Your Car? Use the Services of a Professional Locksmith

Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your car? A person’s first thought is usually to look for a fast way to get back in their car and be on their way. But if this includes a do it yourself solution like trying to use a coat hanger that can do more damage to your car than it is worth. Instead, call an auto locksmith in El Dorado Hills to come unlock your vehicle for you. A professional locksmith can provide fast and reliable service. Companies like Folsom Lock & Security offer complete locksmith services via a highly trained and skilled staff that can ensure all of your security needs are met quickly, they will have your car unlocked so you can get back on the road.

Expert Locksmiths Can Handle All Projects

Professional locksmiths are ready to help you with all your car and auto locksmith needs. They work fast and efficient with the understanding that you need your car unlocked safely. Once you call for locksmith services, an experienced technician will show at your location promptly and you will receive courteous care.

There Are Advantages to Hiring the Professionals

There are many advantages to hiring a professional auto locksmith. Besides enjoying a quick response time, you are assured that they have all of the proper tools needed to get your vehicle unlocked. They also have the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock different car models. This is especially true when expert locksmiths have been trained properly. You are guaranteed satisfactory results from properly licensed locksmiths with a good reputation.

Professional Locksmith Services Are Affordable

Call a professional locksmith at Folsom Lock & Security for affordable locksmith services. These pros know how to get your vehicle unlocked without spending a great amount of money. Don’t bother with DIY methods for unlocking your car to get your car keys back. You could cause damage to your car that results in huge repair expenses. Highly skilled locksmiths can professionally handle the situation whether you are suffering from broken or missing keys. Locksmith services for autos include 24/7 emergency door lock repair, car and auto key lock assistance, transponder car key replacement as well as FOB keyless remote and re-keying. You can count on the professionals to safely get your car unlocked.

Add Extra Security by Installing a Safe to Keep Your Assets Protected

Residential and commercial property owners invest a substantial amount of money to protect their home or business. State-of-the-art security systems to durable doors and windows are just a couple of ways that property owners can provide the protection required to keep their possessions safe. While these are effective ways of securing a building from unwanted intruders, they can add even more security by installing a safe in their home or business. A safe is a security tool that allows the owner to store their most valuable items and keep them out of sight and protected. When it comes to selecting a safe, you want to find the right one to protect your personal property. A safe locksmith in Rancho Cordova can be a valuable resource when trying to decide what type of safe to purchase.

Factors to Consider

Size is an important factor. You want to choose a safe that can adequately store your items. Another factor to consider is the type of welding used to join the components together. A continuous weld is stronger and overlaps the two pieces of metal compared to a spot weld that can differ in distance and size. You want to check the space that is between the body and the door of the safe. If there is a noticeable gap, it provides a point of leverage to pry the door away. You should determine if you want a manual or digital dial for the combination. Start by comparing the pros and cons of the different styles to determine which one would better suit your needs.

Advantages of Consulting a Locksmith

  • A safe locksmith in Rancho Cordova has a vast amount of knowledge on safes.
  • They have experience working with different safes to assist you in selecting the right one.
  • A locksmith can provide information on where to install the safe and how to prepare the area.
  • They can install it to ensure it is installed correctly.
  • You gain a peace of mind knowing that your safe was installed by a professional.

Ensure Your Security Needs with a Trusted Company

Folsom Lock & Security offers over 40 years of combined experience to deliver the licensed technicians for all your locking device needs. From repairs to installations, they can ensure the personalized service and satisfaction you deserve with locksmith services. Safes, mater-keying, lock replacement, and ADA compliance security doors are just a few types of services they offer each client.

The Difference Between a Mobile Locksmith and a Local Locksmith with a Physical Store

When you are faced with choosing a locksmith, you have two choices, you can choose a local locksmith with a physical store or you can go with a mobile locksmith. They both offer locksmith services, but one option is considerably better than the other.

When You Go Local with a Physical Store

When you choose a local locksmith with a physical store you are making the choice for the better option. Local small business owners that have an actual building that they work out of are invested in the community. They have a vested interest in making their community safer. Their roots in the community are deep, it is where they live and work. Other benefits of choosing a local locksmith with a physical building include:

  • They are always insured
  • They are stable and established
  • They bolster the local economy because the money you pay them and that they spend is within the community
  • A more professional approach

When you take the time to open a store, you also take the time to get the insurance that you need to protect that business and your customers. Mobile locksmith may or may not have insurance that protects their customers.

Stable and Established

The fact is a mobile locksmith may or may not be here tomorrow because they do not have the level of investment that a brick and mortar business owner has made. If you have a problem with the work that was done, a mobile locksmith may or may not return, if you choose a local shop owner, you can always find them and come in the shop to complain and get the problem fixed.

They Fuel the Local Economy

A local locksmith that has a store in your community, spends your fees in the community. Your money stays right in your community.

Professional Approach

You get the trusted services that you can depend on from a local shop owner. You can expect uniformed technicians that are thoroughly trained and trusted. You never know what you might get with a mobile locksmith.

Peace of Mind

Choosing the established locally owned and operated locksmith service that has a physical address gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are getting the real deal. Folsom Lock & Security is staffed with members of your community that can manage all your locksmith and security needs.