4 Moments in Which Locksmith Services in Folsom Are There to Save the Day


Locksmiths can be literal lifesavers in emergency moments.  Here are four of the many instances that they can be of huge service.

When Locked Out of a Car

With the advent of keyless car keys, it is easy to close a car door, leaving the keys lying inside.  For these types of emergencies, locksmith services in Folsom

can save the day by getting you into your car. If you need it they can help with changing the locks or creating a new key as well.

After Moving Into a New Apartment


For some odd reason, most apartment renters don’t feel the need to get their locks changed after signing a new lease.  While the office staff will obviously hold a spare set of keys, there is no telling who else has access to them.  As an added safety precaution, it is always best to limit the number of people who can enter without permission.

After Forgetting a Combination

Everyone will draw a blank occasionally.  Whenever a memory lapse takes over, a reputable locksmith will be able to crack the code to combination locks on personal devices.

After Buying a New Lock System

It is common for people to purchase locks for their homes, sheds, safes, or other personal items without knowing how to install them.  Locksmith services in Folsom can help by handling the setup process.

Lost keys and jammed locks are inevitable.  Fortunately, the experts at Folsom Lock & Security are committed to ensuring that no one remains locked out.